Coronavirus Update

After much consideration and many discussions with volunteers, board members, and special needs parents, facilities, group homes etc.  we are moving forward.

Hoop Camp family,

We have missed being with you during this this time of Covid. Due to safety concerns, we made the decision to postpone all our special needs and unified sports camps, clinics, and events. However, our six-month hiatus has provided us a wonderful opportunity to plan and coordinate upcoming activities, build relationships with our supporters, and we are excited for the dynamic things that are happening moving forward! We are expanding to new states, partnering with some NBA teams and additional college athletic programs. We will be announcing these new upcoming partnerships when the time is right.

With a great amount of input and discussion from coaches, parents and volunteers, we are excited to announce that our board of directors has made the decision to move forward with our events in a modified format which will comply with local governmental guidelines.

We love you and appreciate your support and are anxious to see you in person when the time is right for you. It is clear that this time of Covid is affecting us all in a very very different way and we recognize for some it is an emotionally charged topic. We respect that and understand that we are all in different situations. Some live in places where governmental restrictions are much more strict and limiting, while others live in areas that are much more open.

We acknowledge that some families and individuals may be at higher risk or more vulnerable than others and may not feel comfortable yet participating in our events. That is perfectly fine. We also have a large group of participants, families, coaches, and volunteers who do feel comfortable and anxious to get together for Hoop Camp sponsored events. For example, states like Idaho and Utah are much more open than Oregon or Washington. In those states, with some modifications, high school sports are in full swing, games are being played, public and private athletic centers are opened to the public, competitive and recreational leagues, including tournaments and practices are going forward with safety guidelines in place.

As we begin to schedule Hoop Camp events, we will be taking necessary precautions and will be following all regional safety guidelines at our events. Furthermore, in most situations we will be modifying our format from large groups for a 1, 2 or 3 day event, to shorter 1-2 hour clinics limiting the number of participants to perhaps 20 or 30 at a time, based on the facility size and guidelines. More information will be sent out as events are scheduled.

With great sensitivity we understand that some of you are not in a situation where you currently feel comfortable getting together for our events or because of health challenges and we understand it would not be prudent to participate at this time. Again, we express our love to you. We miss you and are anxiously awaiting the time when we can all get back together. Please contact me directly with any comments or concerns you may have.

Steve Garrity, Hoop Camp Executive Director